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Hi there everyone! 
Since its almost summer and im almost graduated I have been wondering if anyone is interested in a contest or and art trade? 

For the contest I would need at least 10 people entering. As for the prices, they will probably be a commission from me. But all the information needed of that will come if enough people are interested in entering. 

So please let me know if anyone is interested! 
Hi there everyone, I was wondering if some of you would be willing with helping me with a little resurge I have to do.

I need to find out which of the 2 style boards i made are most appealing for small kids around the age of 5 and which of the styles there parents would choose. 

here are the links to the styleboards:

style 1: 
Style 1 by Mayu-96
style 2: 
Style 2 by Mayu-96
stlyle 1 is more vintage and realistic while 2 is well more childish? 

please tell me which one you think is more suitable here in the comments or in this poll

Thanks a lot! 
This might be a little late... but! Happy and healthy 2015 ever body! 
I hope everyone had a good 2014 and will have an even better 2015!

Hey everyone, I have almost reached 200 watches, which just amazes me…. 

That is why i want to thank you, try to be a bit more interactive with al of you and maybe even do something fun. I have been thinking about doing an contest, art trades, a give away or even requests.

But only if there people interested in such thing… So please let me know what you’d think about it and if you have an other idea please let me know as well!

Working on a little comic again~ 
Happy new year everyone! 
Happy holidays to everyone! If your going to celebrate anything or not, I hope you have a great time! 

001. Real Name: Marianne

002. Nickname[s]: Mayu (even mom started calling me that…. o.O)

003. Zodiac Sign: Gemi/taurus 

004. Male Or Female: Female

005. Elementary school: Hmm this is hard cause its so different in the Netherlands! …. i guess its Brummelbos 

006. Middle School : Brummelbos 

007. High School: Carmel College..? and right now something that could be seen as collage… i guess… which is Drenthe college….. 

008. Hair Color: Darkish brown..? 

009. Long Or Short: long

010. Loud Or Quiet: Quiet but if i have to i’ll be loud 

011. Sweats Or Jeans : Jeans

012. Phone Or Camera: Phone

013. Health Freak: …. nope

014. Drink Or Smoke: None… but if i have to ill drink… something… i guess… 

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: No

016. Sexual orientation: Hetro 

017. Piercings: Nope

018. Tattoos: Nope


019. Airplane: Nope

020. Car Accident: kinda… 2 times… 

021. Fist Fight: nope


022. First piercing: None.

023. First Best Friend: Hmmm…. thats hard…. my good friends all live far from me…. either 2 hours driving or somewhere in a other country….

024. First Instrument played: None…. 

025. First award: first place at designing something…?

026. First Crush: Non….

027. First Language: Dutch! 

028. First Big Vacation: Hmm…. to Zeeland…? when i was like… 2…. i dont know 


029. Last Person you talked to: people at internship…

030. Last Person You Texted: Mom…. 

031. Last Person You Watched: ……… i have no idea…. 

032. Last Food You Ate: Bread

033. Last Movie You Watched: …… How to train your dragon… i think…. 

034. Last Song(s) You listened To: to what ever is on the radio right now

035. Last Thing You Bought: ….. Sinterklaas and Christmas presents 

036. Last Person You Hugged: Mom


037. Food: …. pizza, chocolate or Stroopwafel (i cant choose okay! OAO )

038. Drinks: vitamin water, cola or green icetea 

039. Clothing: Hoodies! and big warm clothing that are comfy

040. Book: 

041. Colour: Blue and orange

042. Flower: Hmmmm pretty much every flower and blossom kind 

043: Music: to many kinds…. and a lot of strange stuff OuO

044. Movies: Pretty much anything animated….. 

045. Shoes: black nikes… cause of stupid foot reasons…. or comfy boots 

046. Subjects: anything creative 

IN THE PAST YEAR I ... : "x" is for "yes"

047. [ ] Kissed In The Rain

048. [] Celebrated Halloween

049. [] Had Your Heart Broken

050. [] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone

051. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation

052. [] Came Outta The Closet

053. [] Gotten Pregnant

054. [] Had An Abortion

055. [X] Done Something You've Regretted

056. [X] Broke A Promise

057. [X] Kept A Secret

058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy

059. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life

060. [] Pretended To Be Sick

061. [X ] Left The Country

062. [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.  I can eat celery again!

063. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing

064. [] Ran A Mile

065. [] Went To The Beach

066. [X] Stayed Single


067. Eating: Nope

068. Drinking: Nope

069. Getting Ready To: do nothing…. 

070. Listening To: happy… i think… its the radio

071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Internship

Today: Internship, being bored, try to get energy to finish a present, rp, probably argue with my brother as always… 

Tomorrow: the same thing…. 

072. Waiting For: it to be 5 pm so i can go home 


073. Want Kids: Yea kinds 

074. Want To Get Married: yea… i guess… 

075. Careers in mind: illustrator…


076. Lips Or Eyes: Eyes…

077. Shorter Or Taller: Taller…. i dont wanna feel so tall TT^TT

078. Romantic Or Spontaneous:  a little bit of both…. 

079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: both please…?

080. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive

081. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship

082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Hesitant


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Nope~

084. Ran Away From Home: Nope

085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: …… if protecting your self with a cloth form your brother counts… then yes…?

086. Killed Somebody: ….. OuO maybe~ no of corse not XD

087. Broken Someone's Heart: not really

088. Been Arrested: No… almost though… DANG YOU POLICE I DID NOTHING….


090. Yourself: I guess…. 

091. Miracles: Yes.

092. Love At First Sight: Maybe.

093. Heaven: not really…. hope there is one for the people who do though….

094. Santa Claus: No.

096. Magic: Yush! 


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: My friends that live far away from me and i cant see everyday OAO 

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: yea there always things that you wish that could change but right now im pretty much happy with my live.

099. Do You Believe In God: not really…..

100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People: nope….. though have fun making this if you want to~ 

Hey there,
Here is the link for the join me
Fell free to request me pretty much anything there! 
also don’t be shy ^^ i don’t bite.
Hey there,
Here is the link for the join me
Fell free to request me pretty much anything there! 
also don’t be shy ^^ i don’t bite.
Hey there, im bored soooo yea time for more doodles i guess ^^’

Here is the link for the join me  (new link cause join me crashed OAO ) 
Fell free to request me pretty much anything there! 
also don’t be shy ^^ i don’t bite.

Like i said, i was going to hold some join me's here is a link!

Feel fee to request pretty much anyone for me to draw ^^

Please request in the join me ^^' 

Hi there! 

i have been thinking about doing a few doodle/ sketch requests. 

i think i will open a few join me everyday where people can just simply ask me to draw something for them for fun. ^^

so don't be scared to ask me anything about it. or ask me if i can do it at a certain time for you. (not that im expecting any one at all... but yea )

sooo yea i might make some people happy now.... or maybe not....
but i made a tumblr.... for no reason 
so feel free to stalk me there
I will probably just dump my sketches and wips there.... and of corse finished stuff.... so yea 
have fun i guess ^^''
Hey there i decided to open Amigrumi commissions! 
For al the information go here…

Also i will start with 3 slots after that ill close it for a while and when im done with al 3 of them ill be open again. 
So veel free to ask me anything about it! ^^ 
soo i kinda need advice... 
something keeps happening and it is really starting to scare me....
so if anyone has this or had it peace tell me.

so lets start with the rand.
as some know I kanda get dizzy/ faint a lot 
it started like a year ago, when i would just get dizzy not being to see or hear anything much for a few sec.
it didnt scare me or what so ever but yea.
then in summer i got up opened the window and opened the door and suddenly i got dizzy, but it didnt go over and before i even knew what happened to me i was sitting on the floor.... apparently i had fainted and was out for a little while... and lets say sliding down a door is painful.... but yea it scared me but i didnt think much of it because it could have been because i hadnt had anything to eat yet.
but then a few weeks later i had the same but i ended up sliding down a wall.... which was made out of hard and rough stone.... sooo yea. then in winter or what so ever i had non of the small dizzy things or what ever so i though it was over.
but this summer it has been on its worsted.... and it is really starting to scare me, in one day i had these dizzy thingies like 20 times.... at the middle of the day and i did eat and drink enough, also it was really hot. but even on cold days i seemed to get them.... now last week i almost fainted again... i was opening my door and suddenly i got dizzy, i managed to keep staying but it really made me feel sick.... 
and just like a hour ago.... i really fainted again... and it really scared me because i was closing my window and i felt the dizzy ness so i tried to walk to my bed but before i knew it i was siting on the floor and my mom was yelling under at the stairs asking what happened..... when i said i fainted she rushed upstairs and i kinda got a panic attack because i really didnt remember what happened..... sooo yea.... 
maybe i should go see a doctor? or maybe its just because i get up to fast?
i really dont know and it is really scaring me.... so please help? 

i guess i should go sleep now.... since my first day of school starts tomorrow...... OAO
Well i guessed i should warn and apologize you people for the mega uploading that is about to happen soon.... in a day or so....... 
so yea lots of stuff which i was to lazy to upload for a few months will be uploaded now.
YAY or not.... idk -w-

So... I went to the Veen park today, to meet a friend, who is french.
she was on a small trip in the Netherlands and decided to meet up with me somewhere.
I have no other words for it then It was Awesome!
really really awesome!
It was really really awesome to meet you in real life! >w<
Happy (snowy) easter everybody~! ^w^
FINALLY! i finally have my mac back *cries form happiness*
i can now FINALLY do my homework normally again with out either the mac/pc crashing or the programs crashing!
though.... im used to a pc keyboard now.... so.... TYPING IS HARD AGAIN FUUUUU but ill manage i guess..... :I

and tomorrow i have a job interview(if you can call it that) for my internship :I  

but that was it for now i guess....